Lynne Torgerson For Congress

Lynne Torgerson resides in our beautiful 5th Congressional District in the City of Minneapolis. Lynne Torgerson has lived in Minneapolis for essentially the past thirty-four (34) years. In fact, Ms. Torgerson was born and raised in the Minneapolis area. Her opponent, Keith Ellison, is from Detroit, Michigan.

In her teenage years, an Olympic hopeful in gymnastics, Lynne placed 6th in the Nation. Later, Ms. Torgerson attended the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. Ms. Torgerson enjoyed her time at The U, living in the dorms and joining a sorority. She graduated from "The U" with degrees in Political Science and Psychology. Subsequently, Ms. Torgerson attended law school at William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
There, she was a member of Law Review and graduated with Honors. Ms. Torgerson, with the help of student loans, worked her way through college and law school. One of her first jobs involved flipping burgers, mopping floors and cleaning toilets on Hennepin Avenue.

After law school, Ms. Torgerson obtained a coveted position as a Law Clerk with the Honorable Ralph J. Geffen, United States District Court, Los Angeles, California. Thereafter, Ms. Torgerson returned to Minneapolis and founded her own successful law practice which she has had downtown Minneapolis for approximately 16 years.

Ms. Torgerson, a Community Activist, has devoted her adult career to protecting the Constitutional rights of people of all races, nationalities, walks of life and religions. Ms. Torgerson, well respected in her field, was awarded Attorney of the Year and won a case at the United States Supreme Court on constitutional grounds. Ms. Torgerson helped establish "the Law of the Land."

Ms. Torgerson wants to represent you in Congress. Ms. Torgerson has always had a heart to help people. She has your best interests and the best interests of our Country at heart. Ms. Torgerson is a woman of integrity, compassion, who has a strong Midwestern work ethic like you, is trustworthy, who will make the hard decisions, and, tell you the truth. She is also a woman of her word. She can be depended upon.

Ms. Torgerson welcomes to her Campaign Team Torgerson, all people in the 5th! She welcomes Republicans, Democrats, independents, Greens, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Conservatives, and Constitution Partiers, etc.

Ms. Torgerson believes the United States, although not perfect, is the best, safest, freest and most prosperous country on earth, and is dedicated to keeping it that way. You can depend on her for that. She wants to continue doing that in Congress, as your United States Congresswoman.

Ms. Torgerson should and would be the first woman elected to Congress in the Fifth Congressional District.

The Fifth Congressional District encompasses the beautiful cities of Minneapolis, Spring Lake Park, Columbia Heights, Fridley, Hill Top, Saint Anthony, Fort Snelling, Richfield, Saint Louis Park, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Crystal, Robbinsdale, and New Hope, and is likely to soon include Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.

Please support Lynne Torgerson for Congress. You can donate to her campaign, volunteer, tell others about her, and vote for her in November.

Thank you and God bless you and God bless our United States of America!!

Lynne Torgerson for Congress
P.O. Box 18163
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

(612) 886-9111