Jobs in America for Americans

Ask not what your Country can do for you; ask what you can do for your Country.

President John F. Kennedy

Government is not to do for people what they can do for themselves. Government should do for people what they cannot do for themselves.

President Ronald Reagan

We have three groups, all of which need to modify their behavior. First, people need to get back to work. They need to take themselves off of unemployment and welfare. Second, businesses need to stay in America. Third, Union power needs to be greatly curtailed.

First of all, people need to be told the truth. The truth is: the government does not create jobs, private businesses do. Businesses are the entity which has jobs and employs people. Please also note that without tax income from private business employees, the government would have NO MONEY. Thus, for the government to even run, to even exist, we have to have private business.

Therefore, please note - your legislators, your elected officials can do nothing to get you a job. The government does not found a new business and cannot tell a business to hire more employees, etc. At best, all your legislators can do is enact legislation which can make things more or less favorable for businesses to operate in. Arguably, the more favorable things are made for businesses, the more money a business has, the more employees it can and will hire. This is the argument for reducing taxes on businesses, and, reducing the administrative and regulatory burdens on businesses.

Now, as for our current Congressman, Keith Ellison, he has been, for years, sending out email messages that his suggestions are going to create 1 million jobs! These emails are completely false and done with the purpose of falsely creating expectations of his constituents. The truth of the matter is Keith Ellison has not created even 1 job. Keith Ellison intentionally misleads people, to falsely lead them to believe that he is creating jobs. What Keith Ellison is actually referring to (and that has not even happened) is that there will be more government jobs. This is not job creation. That is simply taking tax revenues and paying people to perform government functions. Please remember - without private business tax revenues, government could not even exist and no government jobs would exist. We must have private business, with private employees - to sustain government. The cow who provides the milk is private employers and private employees. One should not starve the cow and expect more milk. Keith Ellison has accomplished nothing with respect to job creation. Keith Ellison has not created even 1 job.

Now, recently I was informed of an astonishing figure. Did you know that we are currently taxing businesses approximately 40% of their income? Really? Is the government a partner in that business? Do business partners even get that percentage of the profits? That is nearly 50% of every $1 brought in by a business. Does the government get to force itself to be a partner in every business in the United States? Do we want businesses to operate in the US and hire employees in the US? The answer is Yes. Are we encouraging them to do so by taxing them at this rate? No. We need to reduce taxes on businesses.

Again, all the government can do, at best, is to enact or repeal legislation that will create as favorable environment as possible in which private business can flourish. The theory along these lines is (1) to reduce taxes on business, so that it will have more money to hire and pay employees (more jobs), and, (2) to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, which would as well free up more time and money, so that it would have more money to hire employees. And yes, when businesses have work that needs to be done, and money to pay employees, businesses do hire more employees. How do I know? I have my own business and hire employees and this is how it works. So yes, we cannot over tax businesses and we cannot create undue administrative regulatory burdens.

There is another side to this coin however. There is something else that American business owners also need to think about. Now, this is just general encouragement. We need to remember that usually, doing the right thing does cost more money. Everything in business cannot be about the bottom line. Everything in business cannot be about getting things done as cheaply as possible. Cheap is not better. Cheap is not best. Cheap is not best for America either. Cheap is not good for humans. Cheap is - simply cheap.

American business people have to be willing to pay American workers, in America, for no reason other than it is good for America, and good for Americans. American business people need to be willing to keep their businesses in America, employ Americans, pay higher wages, and pay higher taxes----for no other reason than it is good for America. It is patriotic. We have a better way of life here that needs to be promoted. We have freedoms here that need to be paid for and promoted. We have men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and way of life and prosperity, etc. Certainly, we business people here back at home in the United States can put our money on the line to benefit America and Americans. Yes, even business people need to pay a price, not just our soldiers.

Here is a good example. I recently got a solicitation from a company in India. I could hire a lawyer for $5.00 per hour. I could get good legal work done for $5.00 per hour. That is a very tempting offer. Think of the money I could save! Think of the money I could make! But then I thought further. One, it would be taking terrible advantage of someone probably living in poverty. So, it is not good for human kind to hire someone for legal work at that rate. Second, we want to keep jobs in America and pay Americans. We want to help the American economy. So, yes, we should pay higher wages, and higher taxes - it benefits America. Doing the right thing costs. Doing the right things costs more.

So, I would encourage business owners to return their businesses to America. Yes, you will have to pay higher wages. Yes, you will have to pay more in taxes. But, it is good for America - Your Country. Everything is not about making more money, nor doing things the cheapest way possible. There are things more valuable than that; one of them is the United States of America.

Further, I would ask businesses who are here to stay here. Employ Americans in America.

Be patriotic----keep your business in America, and brings your businesses back to America. America and Americans need you.

There is also a third side to this coin (at the risk of alienating everyone). Now, Unions are a good thing. Unions have been around for a long time and have helped a good many good people. With all due respect however, Unions have gone way overboard. Their actions are harming American businesses and thusly harming employees, Americans, and America. I would go so far as to say that they are in part responsible for businesses leaving America. They have unduly increased costs to business owners. They have unduly increased employees' wages. They have also unduly restricted employees' ability to do good work. They should not now be surprised of the draconian measures being taken to rein them in.

For example, I have a friend who owns her own very successful company. Her product/service is in demand world wide, and she travels all around the world providing what her company sells. Part of what her company does, requires a person to flip a switch in three (3) different buildings which contain a certain device. One (1) employee could quite easily accomplish this very simple task----flip a switch in one (1) building, walk to the next building and flip the switch there, and walk to the third building and flip the switch there. However, per Union requirements, the Union requires her to hire three (3) different employees, needlessly thus tripling her cost! Additionally, one day, she needed one of these employees to untangle a hose that was on the ground. The Union employee told her that he was not allowed, per his job description mandated by the Union (not because of physical limitations), to bend over that far. Such a rule makes employees unhelpful, and could put people in danger. It contradicts good common sense and needlessly creates an improper monetary burden on employers. Employees should always be looking for ways to help its employer----not avoiding simple, helpful measures that would benefit his employer. To be a valued employee, an employee should always be taking the initiative in finding ways to do his job in an excellent fashion and helping out where help is needed, without being asked. Thus, although Unions have in the past helped people, they simply have gone way over the line. They are costing employers too much money, money which is unfairly wasteful to employers. Thus, Unions need to be reined in as well----to benefit America, its businesses, and Americans.

People also need to take themselves off of unemployment, and, welfare. Even good people are staying on unemployment, for far too long. They are waiting for their job to return, at the wages they were making. I am sorry, but that job is gone. People need to take whatever job they can get, during the time they are looking for something better. It is not physically healthy to stay home, not working. It is not emotionally healthy to do so either. Work is a blessing. It is good to get out, get active, interact with other people, etc. It is also better for America. It is not good for America for people to stay home and collect unemployment benefits or welfare. It is a terrible burden on America. People are just taking away from America, and not putting anything in to it. It is an undue burden on other Americans as well. Now, of course, unemployment benefits are good for the temporary, short term, as well as is welfare. However, if people are healthy, they should be working at whatever job they can find. One should look for a better job while working at one.

Now, how can I say this? Because I have lived it. After I was licensed as a lawyer in Minnesota and California, a job I had came to an end. While looking for another job as a lawyer, I immediately signed up for several temporary agencies and worked as a Valet Parker in the evenings. The temporary jobs I got included a pulling staples at an insurance company. Thus, I pulled staples in the day, and valet parked cars at night. Eventually, I got another job practicing law. However, I was never unemployed and never sought to collect benefits. I was able bodied, and thus I worked; and I worked with standards of excellence. It didn't matter if it was minimum wage, or, a high paying job.

Now, are people bad people because they are receiving unemployment benefits or welfare benefits? No. These are good benefits which are important. However, they are supposed to be for the short term. We all need to be encouraged to draw lines where they should be drawn. Further, the length of availability of unemployment and welfare benefits should be shortened.

America's Freedom from Debt

Getting out of debt really should not be that difficult of a problem for which to come up with a solution. Executing the solution may be. In any event, to get out of debt, one must spend less than one takes in and use the excess to pay down debt. The same goes for America. America must spend less than it brings in. It is obvious that America does not need to tax more things, nor at a higher rate. America taxes everything: it taxes our income, our phones, our sales, virtually every transaction we make with money, our water, electricity, gas, our products, death, estates, a tax to pay for the Dome, fees for drivers' licenses, etc. So, America must spend less; it must make cuts. It must make the cuts necessary to reduce spending, substantially, and pay down our debt. We all are required to live within our means, within our budget. America has a budget too. America has to set and budget and stick to it. We have to establish how much money is coming in, realistically and reasonably, and then figure out what we can afford, and eliminate the rest.

Further, there are many programs and departments that can be trimmed down and/or eliminated altogether to reduce spending. Even President Clinton did this. There is much waste and waste must be eliminated. We do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Quite frankly, don't you think a tax rate of 10% really should be more than enough. Now, do I believe we are going to actually set the tax rate at 10%? No. But, really, with 300,000,000 Americans, 10% of everybody's income in the United States should be more than enough for our government to run on.

We need to reduce our debt. The amount of our national debt is not healthy. We have approximately $16,000,000,000,000.00 (sixteen trillion dollars) in debt. If we paid off our debt at the rate of $1.00 per second, it would take us 525,000 thousand years to pay off this debt! So, yes, we need to reign things in and pay off our debt. It is improper to have so much debt. We all know this, so let's do something about it.

The answer also is not to tax the wealthy more. That is just plain unfair. Why should someone be taxed more simply because they make more money, or have more money? What? because someone has less money, they get to take from and benefit from someone who has more money? With all due respect, that is really not much different than stealing. It also punishes people for working harder, for getting a higher education, achievement, and making more money. A person should not be penalized by being taxed more, because they work harder and make more money than someone else; nor even if they just have more money than everyone else. People are supposed to be rewarded for working harder----they are supposed to make more money. Taxing people who make more money, simply because they make more money is simply wrong, and, quite frankly, selfish.

The 1% Penny Plan: Some things have been said about The Penny Plan. The Penny Plan sounds like a good idea. The Penney Plan states that if America reduces its spending 1% per year, that in seven (7) or eight (8) years, if we spend only approximately 20% of the GNP, we would have eliminated all debt. Anyone, including America, can cut its budget 1% per year and be fine. This appears to be a good solution.

I opposed the bank bailouts. Nothing is too big to fail. The government should not be able to choose favored companies which should be helped if they are failing, and allow others to fail.

I opposed bailing out the auto industry. Our government should not be favoring, with our tax dollars, its favorite companies. For example, say Pepsi was going to go belly up, but Coca Cola was doing fine. Pepsi is not permitted to go to the US government and be given millions or billions of dollars so that it will not go out of business. The government is not allowed to help Pepsi and not Coke. The same would apply to Burger King and MacDonalds. The government cannot say, well I like Burger King because it is making a veggie burger, so we are going to help it, but not MacDonalds. THIS IS NOT THE PROVINCE OF OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. THIS IS THE PROVINCE OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, PRIVATE BUSINESS, CAPITALISM, FREE MARKET. Companies make it or not, on their own.

The government also cannot take private property for another private business. The government should not be helping one business over another. That is wrong.

We need to stop other nation building.


To begin, I need to say that I really don't care much about money. I have devoted my adult career to helping others, not to making money. That is why I seldom talk about taxes, money, etc. Like everyone though, of course I always like to have more. And of course, people should pay their bills, and work, and get paid wages, etc. People need to have a good work ethic, and strive to do their job with standards of excellence. This will have the greatest impact on anyone's life.

Because of my entry into the political arena, my areas of knowledge have required to have been broadened. Heretofore, I really did not know much about taxes, other than disliking having to pay them, like you, particularly every April. So, yes, I too would like to have to pay less in taxes, much less.

So, yes, again, we do need to reduce taxes, particularly corporate taxes. Although there is no guarantee, this hopefully would allow more businesses to be founded in the US, thus creating jobs, allow businesses to expand, thus creating more jobs, and encourage businesses to return to the US, thus bringing more jobs back to the US.

It should be noted that generally speaking, all taxes are supposed to do is raise revenue to support good government. Good government includes things like police, firefighters, education, our courts, legislative bodies, and executive bodies, provide for the poor, disabled, etc. Our tax rates really are not suppose to have anything to do with social engineering, or manipulation of the economy.

The tax rates certainly are not to be manipulated so the government can take money from some people and give money to someone else they think deserves it.


Keith Ellison and Job Creation: Zero

Keith Ellison has been, for years, sending out email messages that his suggestions are going to create 1 million jobs! Keith Ellison has not created even 1 job. Keith Ellison intentionally misleads people, to falsely lead them to believe that he is creating jobs. What Keith Ellison is actually referring to (and that has not even happened) is that there will be more government jobs. This is not job creation. That is simply utilizing tax revenues and paying people to perform government functions. Keith Ellison has accomplished nothing with respect to job creation. Keith Ellison has not created even 1 job. Keith Ellison is all talk and no action.

Worse, Keith Ellison is a radical Islamist. Keith Ellison is a radical islamist. Keith Ellison refuses to state that the US Constitution should remain supreme over Islamic Sharia Law.

If he refuses to say so, he does not believe so. This means that Keith Ellison truly believes that Sharia Islamic Law should be supreme over the US Constitution. This is anti-American. Evidently, Ellison believes that the US Constitution will be "amended" so many times so as to become Sharia Law. Dear People: There are no constitutional rights in Islam. Please note that it appears Ellison has practiced on how to answer this question---by evading it and changing the topic, and diverting people's attention elsewhere, so that then people do not notice that he actually is refusing to answer the question, and people then do not even remember the question asked. Keith Ellison refuses to say that the US Constitution should be supreme over Sharia Islamic Law. Keith Ellison has no business being in our federal government. Replace him this November with Lynne Torgerson.

Names Keith Ellison has taken for himself include Keith X, Hakim, and Mohammed. Why doesn't he use these names anymore? Why isn't he proud of the Islamic names he has taken? Why? Is he trying to hide his true agenda? Is he trying to deceive the American people?

Keith Ellison helps CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, raise money. Keith Ellison regularly is the Keynote Speaker at CAIR's annual fundraising banquet.

CAIR was a named co-conspirator to funding terrorism, namely Hamas, in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which resulted in convictions for funding terrorism ($12,000,000.00 dollars to Hamas). CAIR also helps Keith Ellison fundraise for his campaign. CAIR's leaders and founders, a radical Islamist organization, have been quoted as supporting the elimination of our cherished US Constitution and replacing it with Islamic Sharia Law. CAIR has been reported as being an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamist organization, and Hamas is reported as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. Keith Ellison is a friend to CAIR. Birds of a feather flock together.

Keith Ellison, recently on the news, cried over the death of one (1) muslim in the 911 terrorist attack in New York in 2001. Keith Ellison did not shed one tear for, nor even mention, the remaining 3000 victims of muslim radical Islamists.

Keith Ellison does not even want to protect our national interests. I personally heard him say that "one day the United States won't have any borders," and evidenced his support for this position. What?! Congressman Ellison is supposed to be protecting our borders. He is supposed to be protecting the United States of America. If the United States of America has no borders, that means it does not exist. A country with no borders is not a country, not a nation. That is the absolute anti-thesis of his job. Keith Ellison is beginning to evidence his anti-American beliefs.

Keith Ellison does not care about America or Americans.

Keith Ellison's Congressional Aide, who works in the Congressional Office building, in July 2011, said that he lived in Ramallah for years. Ramallah was the headquarters of terrorist Yasser Arafat, and, has streets named after suicide bombers, honoring them. Why would an US Congressional Aide live in Ramallah? Please note that this Aide looks like an average 26 year old college student at the University of Minnesota.

When Keith Ellison took his oath of office, he swore himself in on the Koran which belonged to Thomas Jefferson. Ellison evidently has made the claim that because Thomas Jefferson had this Koran, Jefferson supported Islam. To the contrary, Thomas Jefferson had this Koran because he was studying an enemy----the Pirates of North Africa, the Barbary Coast. The main purpose of the attacks by the Barbary Pirates was to capture Christian slaves for the Islamic market in North Africa and the Middle East. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, they captured an estimated 800,000 to 1,250,000 million people as slaves.

Keith Ellison is also extremely pro-Palestinian. The Palestinians elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, for its government. Further, recall---the Palestinians, as shown on the news, cheered and celebrated in the streets on September 11, 2001, after the World Trade Towers collapsed, following an attack by radical Islamists. Keith Ellison wants to send more aid to the Palestinians. To the contrary, I support terminating all financial aid to the Palestinians. We should not send money to terrorist organizations: the money sent to the Palestinians would go to their governing body: herein, the terrorist organization Hamas. This is who Keith Ellison wants to help. Remember also . . . Keith Ellison helps CAIR. CAIR is reported to be a political branch of Hamas, and Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Palestinians have recently stated that they are going to unilaterally declare statehood on September 11, 2011. Why did they pick this day? It is the anniversary of the most horrific terroristic attack against America on American soil. The Palestinians have deliberately attached their sought after declaration of Statehood to an anti-American attack. Somehow, the Palestinians view creation of its alleged state as connected to harming America. The only reasonable inference to draw is that the Palestinians hate America and Americans. All aid to the Palestinians needs to cease. We also should not support the creation of a Palestinian State in Israel.

Again, remember, Keith Ellison wants to send more American dollars to the Palestinians and is a friend to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are anti-American. Birds of a feather flock together.


While not yet a huge substantial imminent threat today, this is something Americans need to be educated about, and, eradicate from America in its earlier stages.

Essentially, The Muslim Brotherhood is the head of Radical Islamism. The Muslim Brotherhood is from Egypt. Its written charter, named The Project, , by American counter-terrorism officials, states that its goal is to Islamize the entire world, and re-create, colloquially known as the Islamic Caliphate. They have a written 100 year plan to Islamize the world, and to destroy The West, which includes Europe and the United States, from within. To quote them, their Plan is:

Grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated.

For an excellent message on Radical Islamism, listen to the personal experience of Lebanon born Brigitte Gabriel, the attached 48 minute video: Link to Brigitte Gabriel on Radical Islamism (2011):

To summarize here, the first method of radical islamists is through the traditional forms of terrorism such as blowing up planes, trains, and automobiles. Their second method is called stealth jihad, or, civilization jihad, or infiltration, and it is through legal, political, and cultural non-violent means. This includes the implementation of Sharia Law and making it superior to our cherished US Constitution. They get involved in politics, litigate every slight to Islam perceived at schools or work, get jobs in the FBI, engage in paid advertising, billboards, and become so populace in areas so as to develop exclusively Islamic enclaves in areas within the US, etc. They have already established over 700 areas in France where French police are afraid to enter. Their goal in the United States is to eventually replace the US Constitution with Sharia Islamic Law. Please note, this is treasonous. Please also note that there are no constitutional rights in Islam. This is not religion. This is political ideology, in conflict with our US Constitution, and American freedoms, including freedom of speech and religion. Here in the US, people don't get to riot or murder people because someone criticizes Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed, or Allah. That is freedom of speech and freedom of religion in America. We need to keep and protect American freedom of speech and religion. And note, that the assertion of constitutional rights in America is usually ugly, offensive, hurts peoples' feelings, makes people angry---but, nonetheless, must be done. If people do not like it, that is too bad. There are lots of other places to live on earth if people do not like the duly enacted state laws, federal laws and State and federal Constitutions in these our United States of America.

Again, in summary, The Muslim Brotherhood, also known as the Ikhwan, supports armed and unarmed struggle against non-Muslims and has itself identified the Islamic Movement in America to be a part of the "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated´┐Ż." This "stealth jihad", referred to as "civilization jihad", is based in Islamist hatred for Western civilization, hence their unwillingness to conform to American standards of jurisprudence. It is through the "legal, political, military doctrine known within Islam" as Shariah that these organizations are engaging in a non-violent, "for the moment," campaign to undermine and destroy America.

Please again note that Keith Ellison is a radical islamist. Keith Ellison refuses to state that the US Constitution should remain supreme over Islamic Sharia Law. If he cannot say so, he does not believe so. This means that Keith Ellison truly believes that Sharia Islamic Law should be supreme over the US Constitution. This is anti-American. There are no constitutional rights in Islam. Keith Ellison has no business being in our federal government. Replace him this November with Lynne Torgerson.


Pursuant to his request, at the time of this writing, I recently had "a cup of coffee" with Chris Fields. Not much information has been shared about Chris Fields. Thus, this writing will share what Chris Fields has shared with me.

Chris Fields spent the first 20 years of his life growing up in the Bronx, New York. It appears that around high school age, he enlisted in the military. He then spent the last 21 years of his life in the Marines, in San Diego, California, from which he just retired. He achieved the honorable rank of Major. He saw action in the Middle East. I thank him for his service. May God bless him for his service.

He recently married his 2nd wife, who he met on the Internet, and moved to Minnesota. They own a home in San Diego, California, and St. Paul, Minnesota. To establish a presence in our district here in the 5th (so he can run for political office in the 5th), he recently purchased a condo or apartment in Minneapolis. Thus, at the time of this writing, he has lived in Minnesota about 4 months.

Chris Fields describes himself as a Libertarian. He told me that he is pro-choice "at every stage" possible. He also told me that he supports gay rights legislation. It should be noted that gay rights legislation is the most ultra liberal progressive position.

Fields volunteered twice that Saddam Hussein got a bad deal. He later added that he was glad that he was gone.

I on the other hand am glad we took down Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein murdered thousands of his own people by gasing them to death, would reimburse families of suicide bombers $25,000.00, and regularly sent Scud missiles into civilian territories in Israel. His own people then executed him. I in now way feel bad for Saddam Hussein.

Fields told me that he recently began attending church, feeling that previously it was inappropriate because he wore the uniform of a Marine.

Fields' future career plans are uncertain. Also, he apparently has no prior business experience, no prior experience in the law, and no prior political experience.


I am sorry boys, but there is much in the Libertarian platform with which I do not agree. These positions have no place in the Republican Party. Libertarians here in the 5th Congressional District:

Support abortion

Support gay rights legislation

Are anti-war

Are anti-government

Support legalizing illicit drugs

Support legalizing prostitution

These positions are in direct conflict with the Republican platform. These positions have no place in the Republican Party.

The support of gay rights legislation is that of ultra liberal progressives. Simply because someone may support conservative economic policies does not make them Republican nor conservative. It is just anti-government.

We are not supposed to be anti-government. Rather, we should support good government, which is consistent with it being smaller.

Again, Chris Fields self-identifies himself as a Libertarian.


First, we need to repeal the recently enacted national health care law. It is not good for people, nor government, and is unfair. "Special people" have been exempted from its provisions by our current President. Have you? It talks about talking to people subject to it about planning for their death. It encourages that people not receive medical treatment in order to save money. It unconstitutionally tries to force itself on everyone in the US by forcing people to purchase a particular product. It wrongfully spends US tax dollars on abortion.

That said, we also need great change in our health care system. These problems are what opened the door to this bad recent health care law. We need more time for doctors to be with patients. We need to eliminate the abuses of the health insurance companies such as denying claims, giving incentives to claim adjusters to deny claims, greatly reduce the refusal of coverage for pre-existing conditions, (perhaps to one week), and essentially eradicate the lack of competition between health insurers, which should include interstate competition and allow people to get health insurance coverage from out of state health insurers. Did you know that up until very recently, our former legislators allowed health insurers to be exempt from anti-trust laws? This eliminated competition. No wonder they so abuse their power----they have no competition. And, until we can get things balanced out again, yes, we will need some draconian legislation in regard to health insurance companies. We need competition, we need dramatically lower premiums, we need better coverage, we need to eradicate the wrongful denial of coverage and severely penalize health insurers for such wrongful denials, etc.


I would characterize myself as green, but not radically green.

I support the develop of alternative forms of energy, such as solar, geothermal (underground energy), biofuels, wind, water, etc. Of course, the details of these things must be left up to our entrepreneurs, scientists, etc., for they are the experts. And yes, the government can do things to encourage such things, at the right time, in the right amounts.

Green energy would benefit America in many ways. It would create new jobs, which is good for our economy. It would help the environment. It would reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

We need to become the world's energy leader. We have the people, the brains, and manpower to do it. It would be good for America, and Americans.

On the other hand, I do not support drilling in ANWAR. I believe this whole debate started because of Al Gore's movie.

We should not take an opposite position of someone in the "other party" simply because the "other party" takes a particular position. There are going to be some things that Republicans and Democrats agree upon. Indeed, there are Republicans and Democrats both fighting in Afghanistan.

So, Republicans should not be anti-environment simply because Democrats are rather green, and vice versa. Rather, we all have to take the right position - regardless of party position. We must take care of our earth. We all need clean air, clean water, etc.

I also do not support further expansion of nuclear energy. One, it is not necessary. Two, it is hazardous. Japan is a recent example.

Along another line, I do support a public transportation system. However, it needs to be constructed like The Metro in Washington D.C., or The El, in Chicago. And, until we can afford to do things the right way, they should not be done at all. The current "on the street level" light rail system is a terrible waste. It is no better than the buses. It is simply a different vehicle. The current light rails are on the same streets as our cars, and buses, and taxis. They do not save any time. Rather, they waste time and fuel energy. We have cars waiting at lights for the light rail, and light rail waiting for cars at lights. Further, they are a hazard. Several people have been killed by the light rails. Downtown Minneapolis they are extremely poorly marked, and there are no guard rails preventing cars from driving over them, and ON the rails themselves. I work downtown. Nearly weekly I see someone mistakenly driving ON the light rail rails, in the wrong direction.

Sometimes I wonder if they were intentionally constructed poorly just to create jobs temporarily, and to later create more jobs, at taxpayer expense, to rip them up and finally re-construct appropriate below ground or above street level rails.

Additionally, I strongly oppose imposing penalties on people for using energy, or using energy which someone deems excessive. People have not yet been given the ability to extensively use alternative forms of energy. Thus, it would simply be penalizing people for using energy. This is extremely counter-productive. We need to encourage productivity, not penalize it. The proposal of such a policy is not well thought out.

Our Food

God created seed the first instance. Mankind cannot do a better job than God. How ridiculous for mankind to think so. And, money is not a good enough reason to change the seed.

We have got to start protecting our food supply better.


I support requiring the labeling of all foods----whether they are made from genetically modified seed, whether they are organic, whether they are cloned, whether anti-biotics have been injected into the animals from which food has been made, whether the animals have been treated humanely, how the animals were slaughtered and by whom, caloric content, etc.

I recommend watching the film Food Inc. for an introduction to the problems with our food chain.

This film is a great educational tool. It shows how big corporations are destroying our food supply by patenting "life," (the Monsanta case needs to be reversed and it appears that the decision was obtained through corruption because the decision was written by Justice Roberts, who evidently in the past was employed by Monsanto!), whereby farmers are not even allowed to keep and use their OWN seed, and are forced to use, for example, Monsanto seed. We need to help smaller, family farmers and help them keep their farms. For the farms lost, we need to get them returned to smaller family farmers.

With respect to genetically modified seed, I don't want to eat genetically modified seed. First, I don't think mankind can create something better than God. Second, there is a theory that genetically modified seed, anti-biotics, growth hormones, cloning of beef, harvesting fruits and vegetables too early, inhumane treatment of animals, are contributing or creating health problems, autism, ADD, ADHD, obesity, fibromyalgia, and a host of other and new mysterious auto-immune disorders. Minimally, we need legislation requiring that consumers be informed of all of these things, if not perhaps, in the long term, prohibiting such things. And again, simply making more money can never be the determining factor. We must do the right thing, not just what makes the most money. Again, doing the right thing costs----in this case, money.


The film Food Inc. briefly documents and shows the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals such as chickens and cows. Legislation should be enacted prohibiting this.

Innumerable chickens are housed in chicken coops with not enough space or air in which to breathe and walk. They are injected with anti-biotics to try and avoid disease in these disease creating environments, and injected with growth hormones - which cause them to grow so fast that many die; their bodies grow so large so fast that their feet, muscles, internal organs and bones cannot support them and they die. Again, cheapest is not the best. Have you ever noticed how some egg shells are very thin and soft? These are from chickens living in terrible environs. Don't buy them.

The film also shows how cruelly animals are treated. There is a clip showing a live cow, standing up, being pushed over by a caterpillar tractor type of automobile, in order to move it somewhere. Additionally, rather than slaughtering meat in a hygienic way, did you know that to kill e-coli and the like, they are WASHING MEAT (ground beef) IN AMMONIA!? They then sell it and humans eat it. What nutritional value is left in ground beef that has been washed in ammonia?

Ways we can deal with this is to buy organic and free range. We can also require, through legislation, that labeling be required to reveal this information, so that people can make informed choices and only buy what they actually want to eat.

Mad Cow Disease

Remember Mad Cow Disease? How many cows had to be slaughtered? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Why? Because mankind fooled with Mother Nature. Because mankind fooled with the food supply. They put by-products in cows' food, and it created a world wide problem.

We do not need nor want cloned beef. Do you know that cloned beef is already being sold on the open market and no one is telling you about it? Do you want to eat cloned beef? I don't. We must have legislation requiring the public to be informed of such things.


There are theories on why so many Americans are obese. One includes that our food no longer contains nutritional value and hence, people are not sated, and so they keep eating and eating, which results in obesity, with its consequential health problems, diabetes, heart disease, knee problems, early death, etc. Did you know that tomatoes have been genetically engineered so that your tomatoe is actually part fish! This was done so that it would look better at the grocery store and not rot so quickly. They have done the same with seeds for corn, wheat, potatoes, etc. However, this genetic breeding has largely bred out all nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

Higher Incidence of New Unusual Diseases and Health Problems

Did you know that there are theories out there which state that our food supply is causing these new, unusual health problems like fibromyalgia, autism, ADD, etc. There is a greatly higher rate of ADD and autism among children these days. The theory is that for things like fruits--the longer they are able to ripen on the vine, the more they are able to develop healthy "sugars" and nutrients that our human bodies need. However, to avoid the rotting of fruits and hence profit, companies pick the fruit very early, and then transport it to the grocery stores for sale. The problem is that we then eat the fruit too early, which do not have the requisite sugars and nutrients that our bodies need. Hence, we do not get the nutrition we need, which contributes to new mysterious ailments. This is further worsened by genetically modified fruits and vegetables, which also have less of the sugars and nutrients that our bodies need.

This is why we need more information. We need legislation requiring that the public be fully informed of what we are being sold, and what we are eating. We need informed choice.

We in America are entitled to know these facts and legislation should be enacted requiring the disclosure of what has been done to food, so that we can make informed decisions about what we want to eat, and what we do not want to eat. This is fundamental. Why don't we already know? Why are we not already informed? One, because we need congressmen who will stand up to these interests and do the right thing. Also, because these food producers know that we would not buy their product, and their profit margin would be reduced. Again, doing things the right way costs. Corporate greed needs to be reined in.


Eradication of Racism

Everyone is supposed to be free and equal.

We in the United States have come a long way in eradicating racism. While things are not yet perfect, perhaps far from perfect, I still think it is helpful to remember that in our Civil War, a white male President, Abraham Lincoln, advocated for the abolition of slavery. This was achieved. President Lincoln was also assassinated via being shot in the head. A great loss. I think it is also helpful to remember that white male soldiers were killed in our Civil War, fighting for the abolition of slavery. I hope remembering these facts help ease some of the tensions that exist today.

I think it is also important to note that we have become much more integrated. This is to our credit. Our nation is truly multi-national. Our Nation is one of the few in the world with such diversity. To a large degree, we all live together in peace. This is admirable.

I believe and support integration and equal protection of the law. That is what the United States is about. We have one Union; the United States of America. We are to be united. In the United States, we are all supposed to be free and equal.

The United States is also the Land of The American Dream; equal opportunity. People move here from other countries and through a good work ethic and hard work can achieve their dreams and be self sufficient and prosper.

However, there is still much progress to be made. There are many people of color who still feel discriminated against, and their feelings are justified and based in fact. Discrimination on the basis of race in the work place, and, in the community, needs to be eradicated. I have helped fight racism for approximately twenty-five (25) years.

So, we as Americans need to do better. We can do better. People are not to be discriminated against in the workplace or in politics or otherwise on the basis of the race, or color of their skin.

I agree with Martin Luther King, Jr. that people are not to be judge by the color of their skin, but rather, on the content of their character. Let's do this - --together. Each one of us can and does make a difference.

Equal Protection and Promotion of Women

"Girl Power!"

Historically, I have never really paid much attention to nor spoke about discrimination against women. I simply ignored it, refused to acknowledge it, and overcame it.

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. Remember those days? Those were interesting days. Revolutionary. One of the things I remember seeing on TV was women burning their bras. Women at that time felt that bras were too restrictive. They burned them and refused to wear a bra.

The same should be done with burkas. They are affront to the freedoms afforded women in America. They are an affront to the progress made by women in America. These are much more restrictive than bras. Further, why are only the women required to wear burkas? Further, we have criminal laws requiring the identity of all people to be obvious when out on public streets. This law has been on the books for decades.

In any event, things have changed since the 1960s and 70s, and bras have changed too. Things for women have improved since then, but, we can still do better. Women have moved into many positions in the workplace and in politics. Women are now judges, doctors, lawyers, brick layers, accountants, senators, congresswomen, machine operators, nurses, secretaries, owners of champion horses like Secretariat, and CEOs. However, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination still exist. This must be eradicated as well. For example, a male superior, in the workplace or in politics, should not take retaliatory action against a female because she will not become romantically involved with him. This is wrong and constitutes sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. A woman also should not not be hired for or elected to a position simply because she is a woman, if she is qualified. Refusing to hire or elect a woman for a position, because she is a woman - -constitutes sexual discrimination. We are better than that. A woman should also be paid at the same level for doing the same work as her male counterpart, and should not be paid less simply because she is female.

Women are your mothers. Women are your sisters. Women are your wives. Women are your daughters. Promote the women in your lives. Speak up.

Did you know that women obtained the right to vote in America less than 100 years ago?

Did you know that in the history of America, that a woman has never yet been elected to Congress here in the 5th Congressional District of the State of Minnesota! Well, Lynne Torgerson would like to change that. She would like to be elected to Congress and become the first woman elected to Congress, here in our District, the 5th Congressional District of the State of Minnesota.

"Girl power!" Somebody said that to me recently at a political event. I like that phrase. "Girl power!"

We also need to protect immigrant women. Female genital mutilation (the removal of a female's clitoris) must be prohibited and prevented in the United States. This horrendous procedure is practiced in many other countries and cultures around the world. (Perhaps it would stop if it was allowed only after men surgically cut off their penises first. For the record, I do not support this practice either).

Domestic assault against women is also allowed and tolerated in other cultures around the world. This must be prohibited in the United States, and, it must be pointed out that this cannot be allowed under a "claim" of religion. For example, recently, a court in New Jersey acquitted a man for physical domestic assault against his wife, on the grounds that the man said his religion, Islamic Law, allowed him to do so. This must not be allowed to occur in the United States. Fortunately, an appellate court had enough sense to reverse the trial court. This teaches us that every time someone claims that something is "religion," it does not mean that it is actually "religion" and therefore okay. A claim that something is "religion" does not make it "religion."

Women also shouldn't need to make themselves unattractive, or become fat, in order to excel in careers or politics.

Now, even though I set forth the above, I am not a feminist. I definitely believe in the traditional nuclear family, traditional marriage, with a dad, a mom, and children. However, requiring the above is consistent with the traditional nuclear family in all respects.

Equal protection of the law. That is what is required by our United States Constitution.

"Girl power!"


I support keeping Social Security. I don't agree that it is an "entitlement." Myself, like millions of other Americans have been paying into Social Security, significantly, my entire work life, now about 40 years. The real problem is that our government essentially raided these funds. They initially were kept in a separate trust fund. This is where they should have remained. They should have been invested and been earning interest all of these years. Instead, our legislators betrayed us and took the money and spent it on other things. This was very wrong to do.

We need to elect legislators who will do the right thing and not just do things to get re-elected. And, We The People, need to allow our legislators to do the right thing, make hard decisions, and not have a temper tantrum every time they do something we don't like. We also need to allow them to tell us what we need to hear - not to always require them to tell us what we want to hear. We all cannot always everything the way we want it right now.


We the People need to allow our elected officials to do these things. We have to allow our elected officials to make hard decisions and carry them out. We the People cannot turn on our elected officials every time they do something we do not like. Our response should be to contact them and persuade them to act differently next time. We have recently elected several very good candidates. Back them, support them, persuade them. Don't turn on them. They are good people.


I support traditional family values, traditional marriage, the nuclear family, which involves a dad, a mom, and children. I believe the statistic is that about 85% of the men in prison are fatherless. This evidences the value of the traditional family, involving a dad, a mom, and children. We also have approximately 5600 years of history supporting this position. This is the way things have always been, and for good reason.

We do in fact legislate morality, and there is nothing wrong with that. We say its wrong to steal, to murder, etc. We can also say that something other than marriage between a man and a woman is wrong. Additionally, it goes against natural law. Two men cannot make a baby. Two women cannot make a baby. Further, all cultures which have evidenced moral decline have fallen. Homosexuality has traditionally been seen as evidence of moral decline. Thus, homosexuality is not good for America, nor any culture.

Please remember that loving parents tell their children the difference between right and wrong. Now, yes, we are to love homosexuals. However, that does not mean that we tell them that that behavior is right. I do not support gay rights legislation. Gay rights legislation is of the most ultra liberal progressive movement.


I do not support abortion. Now, are we to condemn a woman who has had an abortion? No. However, that does not mean we support abortion.

It is well established that life begins at conception. That is what conception means. If something is alive, we ought not kill it for no reason, and we ought not kill it simply to avoid an "inconvenience." With all due respect, 9 months is not a very long time. I have heard people say that we can't tell a woman what to do with her body. Well, with all due respect, the woman has already done with her body what she wants. There is now another body within her. That is the body being to be protected from injury and being killed, even if it is a very small body.

Women who have had abortions are haunted by it the rest of their lives. It is destructive to them as well. And yes, we do legislate morality.

People always say, Well, what about if the mother's life is in danger? I say, let's talk about the other 99% percent of cases, instead of that one. After we tackle that, let's go back to the other.


Strong Homeland Security

I believe in Peace through Strength.

I also believe that freedom is not free.

I think that any writing dealing with this issue should begin with the expression of heartfelt gratitude to all the servicemen and servicewomen who have gone before us and are out there today: Thank you so much for your service. You have put your very lives on the line for us, our freedoms . . . . Some have paid for our freedoms with their very lives. We, I, am grateful to you - --Thank you!!!

I support a strong homeland security. I believe in Peace through Strength. I also agree that freedom is not free. This is based on personal experience. I have been a litigator for about 20 years. This is akin to going to battle. I have learned the lesson well that if you approach a strong adversary by being "nice" to him, or trying to make them happy, they will run over you like a freight train. Approaching with a strong case, with extensive preparation, with standards of excellence, with a very high bottom line, always results in better outcomes than through trying to make that person like you.

America, unjustifiably, has enemies. Hezbollah, Death to America Video. These enemies wish to do America and Americans harm. We have peace here, in our Land, because of our long time stance of Peace Through Strength. America is strong. America was established by Revolutionaries; some of which are my ancestors. Americans value their Constitution, their freedoms. We live in the safest, freest, most prosperous Country on earth. That is worth keeping and protecting.

We are approaching the 10th anniversary of September 11. It is because of the policy of Peace Through Strength that we have been fortunate enough to not yet have experienced such another attack. This approach also enabled our wonderful troops to find and kill Osama Bin Laden.

The US Constitution protects US citizens. It does not protect non-citizens, particularly not foreign enemies.


Israel has long been a friend and ally of the United States. Israel is also a democratic like nation, like the United States; it is a one of a kind in the Middle East. The United States should always support its friend and ally in the Middle East.

I do not support a Palestinian State. First of all, there is no such thing as a Palestinian. Yasser Arafat founded this group, and he was born in Egypt. Yasser Arafat was Egyptian. How can an Egyptian found a State of Palestinians? Second, the Palestinians recently elected their own government - Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization. That is not a legitimate government. I don't support the creation of a terrorist State. Keith Ellison, my opponent, supports the Palestinians. I guess that means he supports the creation of a terrorist State. He indirectly supports Hamas, through his support of CAIR, which was a named co-conspirator to funding the terrorist organization Hamas.

The "Palestinians" have announced their intention to unilaterally declare a Palestinian State, in Israel, this September 11, 2011. Why did they choose the same date as the most horrific attack against the US on US soil in the history of the US? Somehow, the Palestinians are aligning themselves WITH the terrorist attack against the US on September 11, 2001. They could have chosen 364 other days in any year. This reveals their heart. The Palestinians hate America. They themselves have associated their attempted founding of their own State-- with the horrific attack against the United States. Wake up America!

Keith Ellison is a friend to the Palestinians. Keith Ellison supports the Palestinians. Again, Keith Ellison sides with enemies to the United States.


Iran must not be allowed to obtain nuclear capabilities. Iran has threatened to wipe America off of the map and talks about a world without America.


I support the right to bear arms, as established by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.


We are a beacon to people around the world, to come to America to live the American Dream. We do want to be a refuge to the poor, the oppressed, etc. That is what is said on Ellis Island. That is a good thing. However, people still must come here legally. Sorry folks.

We need to enforce the laws we have on the books. People must obey the law. The people who come here illegally have broken the law. Their situation is also not good for them. These illegal immigrants are greatly taken advantage of. Things do not go well for people breaking the law.

We also need to take into consideration our national security with respect to immigration. We do not want foreign enemies entering our borders illegally either. We also need to deny entry to national enemies. No foreign person is entitled to come to America. We can and should become a little bit more protectionistic. For example, did you know that in regard to Canada, that non-Canadian citizens cannot even enter Canada unless they establish that they will benefit Canada? Did you know that if a person has a DWI conviction, that they cannot get into Canada. I know an airline stewardess who lost her job because she could no longer fly into Canada. We can and should start considering prohibiting people from traditionally hostile countries from immigrating to the United States unless they can prove they love America and will benefit America.

We need legislation prohibiting non-citizens from purchasing land in the United States. Recently, I was watching HGTV, International House Hunters. Did you know that in Bulgaria, if someone is not a citizen, they are not allowed to purchase land in Bulgaria. We need to enact such legislation for the United States. We should not be selling America to foreign nationals.


We need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. My information is that the US spends approximately $400,000.00 per minute on foreign oil.

We must cease purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a radical Islamist State. Saudi Arabia is an enemy of the US. I believe 19 of the 20 September 11 suicide bombers hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Did you know that women are not even allow to drive in Saudi Arabia? Did you know that if you (a woman) travel to Saudi Arabia alone you would not be permitted to rent a hotel room? Saudia Arabia also exports the most extreme forms of radical Islamism, called Wahhabism. They also send extremist literature into the mosques in the United States. We need to stop funding our enemy.


I have been community activist for approximately 25 years. I have devoted my adult career to protecting the constitutional rights of people of all races, nationalities and religions for the past 25 years. I believe in freedom of religion. Our 1st Amendment of the US Constitution protects freedom of religion. I support the right of people in the US of worshiping the God of their choice. I also believe that we are to love people of other faiths, including muslims.

We do however, need to learn that every claim that something is "religion" does not make it religion, and, that not all of Muslim Islamic Law is religion; much of it is a political ideology inconsistent with the US Constitution, which is not protected by the 1st Amendment.

Also, to be involved in politics, or to run for public office, one does not need to be a-religious. Public office also does not require a person to be a-religious.

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